80's Babies: The Mixtape

Nov 27, 2010

"When we used to play spades, people from our generation would call the jokers 'Biggie Smalls' and 'Lil Cease'" _My big sister, Tiffany
After the smoke in the kitchen had cleared from the Thanksgiving Day Massacre, my older siblings and me sat around the table playing spades and somehow they began rambling off old school hip hop songs that they had grew up on. I was playing the songs on Grooveshark and typing a list just as fast as my fingers could move.

The crazy thing is, they still remembered all of the beats, break-downs, bridges, and whole verses from songs that were released some 15-20 years ago. You should've seen how excited they were discussing how hip hop used to be.

Well, I made a compilation of some of the songs that I could find that they had named. The 'tape, called 80's Babies: The Mixtape, can be downloaded below. It's 12 tracks, and definitely a good listen for old hip hop lovers. If you're reading this, hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


Cop the 'tape here.


ChloƩ 'Bradshaw' said...

Great post! I love 80's - 90's music.

145thandchloe.blogspot.com I know you'll enjoy it.

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