"girls, girls, girls, girls...girls, I do adore!" _Jay-Z

Oct 16, 2010

My love of women + my affinity for nice clothing = this post.

Simply put, this is a list of dope women's clothing items that solicit a double-take of admiration. (Emphasis on admiration though, yo'! There's a difference between choosing someone and admiring someone, lol.) In no particular order, check it out:

1. Fedoras
I don't see these worn often at all, but they are definitely eye-catching!

2. Big Watches
Not just any watch. Big watches that I could, in essence, wear myself.

3. Blazers that show personality
Blazers on a female is already a bold move, but a jawn with color, or made with an unusual fabric goes!

4. Khaki-colored Trenches
The straps! The buckles! The Flyness!

5. Over-sized T's
I don't know why I like this on women. I just...do.

6. Jeggings
Soooo, throw all "admiration" out the window with this item right here....
...I'm choosin'!

7. Pins and Brooches

You can really be creative with this item. Rep where you are from, express your beliefs, show a hobby, whatever! Really, really fly item!

8. The Crème de la crème. The Top Shelf item that's liable to make me catch myself staring: SNEAKERS!
But don't be mislead....

...not just ANY sneaker. (WTH does Amber Rose have on? Fusions?!) That ish don't fly in the 'burbs!

A limited release. An OG sneaker. That kinda thing is THE business in my opinion.

Runner Ups: Leather jackets, Studded D.I.Y. items, White V-necks (specifically white only!), YSL t's, Eyeglasses, and Doc Martens


e said...

A mans perspective is always refreshing.... and I agree at that .

@ronaldranier said...

White girl fetish? ....kiddin

Dub said...

Google search keep that white.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....