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Oct 17, 2010

Kanye's banned album cover

I don't have qualms with Kanye's interpretation of art as much as I have problems with his stan's braggadocio because they "understand him and his creativity". Personally, I would rather play a game of Operation with Muhammed Ali than praise Kanye for being revolutionary. And when people say things like "If you don't like him, you must not understand him" I can no longer deal. It's my penultimate pet-peeve, second to the Cowboys losing.

What's funny is, those same people offer minimal to no explanation for this type of art. Someone tweeted, he is "depict[ing] himself as an ape-like creature, drunk on success, lounging on the sofa with a white woman on his lap. Over your head like a UFO." Aside from "over your head" pissing me off a little bit, that explanation is rudimentary and painfully obvious, so why are niggas whippin' out their checkbooks and buying into this nonsense?

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this IS art. I believe that there are no boundaries that one can place artistic expression. But if it's so "deep" as his stans claim, I demand an explanation from one of them to accompany the massive amounts of pole jocking. That's ALL I'm saying. *deep sigh* I miss Lupe. He's deep. Not this guy.

Sidenote: Since we are on the subject of deep-thinking, I'm dropping a dance album entitled, "Two Left Feet" and I'm leaning toward this album cover. Questions? Comments? Concerns?


Kelz said...

I think using nudity and things that are sexually charged in nature is the easiest ad most basic way to generate a response. It doesn't make you creative by any means.

ddeanna said...

let me just start off by saying what the fck... i'd like to think i'm a very open person when it comes to art and expression, but this sh*t right here? i dont know dawg... it seems to me he's reaching. Kanye's love for abstract concepts that are intended to escape the understanding of the viewers is clearly doing the most. people, out of fear of "not getting it" will just go along with whatever the artist depicts. f*ck that. there are limits to what can be considered tasteful art. clearly 'ye is out of the loop on that one. you can't just put a bunch of stuff in a picture and call it art... it's gotta have meaning dawg. like you said, if somebody could explain to me what his reasoning behind this is... because I assure you it would surprise even the Cornel Wests of contemporary thought, I might be a little more ok with it.

RawrSavvy said...

This is a direct form of expression ART is all based on opinion. In my opinion Kanye is saying FUCK AMERICA (excuse my language) what is highlighted in American culture is depicted in this cover. I dont see why people are making a big deal about it. And I can concur with what you are saying. Kanye's hype and strength is the media is only validating my point that POP CULTURE is killing free thinkers. As opposed to going out and learning something people lean on what Kanye and much other "revolutionaries" have to say about the world around them. I JUST WANT THE MUSIC he needs to stop.

@ronaldranier said...

Kanye could put Kat Stacks' twitcon as his cover and his 'stans' would compare it to the works of Michelangelo. I view the opinions of the ignoramuses that worship him just like the opinions of republicans...null and void.

To be honest, I seriously doubt it was banned. With Adam Lambert tonguing dudes down on stage, Beyonce singing about big dicks, and Rihanna letting robots skeet in her face on stage, anything is permissible. It's just another ploy Kanye and his team has cooked up to guarantee the sell of his overly-hyped, overly-produced, and auto-tuned filled album.

Dub said...

I read all of your comments and I really appreciate y'all's point of view on the subject. Yes, I used the world "y'all's". don't judge me.

♥ LOLA ♥ said...

Sex Sells.
Controvery Sells.
Kanye's a FCKN GENIUS!


ABC said...

I want an explanation too.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....