Barbershop Talk: Clause 27

Oct 28, 2010


Let me tell you one of the reasons why I never got jealous of collegiate athletes like some of y'all hating niggas while in undergrad. If you'll look at shows like basketball or football wives (or just on campus) a lot of them just end up with extra regular, thirsty females. Perplexing. Don't take offense anyone, you got regular friends and you may even be regular yo'self and not realize it. Charge it to the game!

Anywho, a lot of these dudes are jaded by the flashing lights and new-found attention so they give a green light to all of these girls, and their friends, and friend's friends. But THIS dude Hakeem Nicks (former UNC football player turned NY Giant)...he took his elevated status and chose to pursue someone of higher stature than himself!! That's how it should be done. Clause 27 of Man Law: Don't save these thirsty jawns.

*fist pumps* Hoorah.


e. said...

lmao at "don't save these thirsty jawns"... hahahaha

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....