I'm Just Rambling....

Sep 30, 2010

Has anything bad ever happened to any of your younger siblings and you wish it were you instead, because you may be a liiittle better equipped to handle it? Well that's how I feel right now. Last night, I found out someone broke the window in my little brother's car and stole roughly $1,000 worth of audio equipment that he had been saving up and buying since he was in high school.

Initially, I got mad at the situation and then once I cooled off, I realized that God will go before 'em to fight this battle. And then I started thinking about it a little more...my lil bro managed to scrap up money starting at like 14/15 years old to buy this stuff and a grown man (I'm assuming because the job was done well) couldn't afford to go out and buy it? How crazy is that? Such is life I guess.

It's aight thouuugh, 'cause we gon' re-up after I win this #karmaloop contest! LOL


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....