a few random things that I am growing weary of.

Sep 27, 2010

Just a few things that I wish would cease immediately:

1. The misguided use of aliases such as "La Flare", "Flocka", "Mr.StealYoGirl", "Fancy" is spreading faster than a rumor in a Women's Locker room Men's Locker room (you guys are the new female, unfortunately). People no longer aspire to be greater than great. They settle for "Big Meech" and "Larry Hoover".

2. Grown men are now wearing Louis V coin pouches and a collective moment of silence wouldn't bring them back from the Dark Side, I fear. Inevitably, this fad will soon make it's way to North Carolina (as we are particularly late on things) and all hope will be completely lost. I never thought I would see the day when pump-faking with a $200 man purse would become acceptable. Conformity is an illness, get well soon you guys!


3. In the wake of the recent allegations against Bis. Eddie Long, it has seemingly given non-believers another reason why they should not attend church. And to that I say:
"@Martial_LAW: Smh at people using this bishop Eddie long scandal to justify why they not Christians. Eddie long did not die on the cross for your sins."
If you don't want to get up for church, just say that. Wake & Bake instead, and stop guilt trippin'.

4. Women professing that they "don't need a man in their life". Who said you did? And what purpose does this statement serve? If you're acknowledging your own independence, this is one instance in which actions speak volumes and words aren't essential because an independent woman sticks out like a red rose in a field of anomenies. (I feel like my previous statement deserves 3 snaps. No? Fine.)

5. Black women seeing a man in a relationship with a non-black female and turning their nose up at him as though he has betrayed them. I don't have much to say other than the fact that, insecurity is one thing that looks bad on you no matter who you are.


6. People treating inanimate objects as though they hold more weight than they actually do. Licking sneakers in photos, putting money in your mouth, any of that stuff. In all honestly..."they shoulda neva gave you niggas money".


7. People putting "For Booking..." on their Twitter and Facebook pages. WHAT DO YOU DO?! Your websites links to a Myspace page if that's any indication of why we don't believe you. Nothing irks me more than people disrespecting others craft. Fake publicists. Fake models. Fake artists. Unlame yourselves.

8. Dudes slip up and make a questionable statement and then follow it with "No homo" and "Pause". Look I ain't got the time and energy for that.

9. People repping Taylor Gang and Jets faithfully outside of concert settings. It's just unacceptable. Unfortunate as it is, the following tattoo does not belong to Wiz Khalifa. It's some lame with a lost soul and a terrible tattoo artist.


Runner ups: Plaque buildup on niggas gum lines, Omarion, pushy workers at Asian restaurants in the mall that frighten you into sampling their food, weed smoking becoming a fad, and recent projections that Democrats are going to lose control of the House


josieRbaby said...

LMAO! love the post though you get a side-eye for the 'black men white women' analysis being about insecurity.


P.S your runner ups, in particular, 'Plaque buildup on niggas gum lines', has me laughing, literally, out loud

TiaOlivia said...

Lmao, You're a mess. This is completely true though!

ddeanna said...

Ummmm just FYI. I def read that book abt black men and white women lol. #dontjudge

Zanele said...

LMAO on point as usual. "unlame yourselves" hahaha that line always kills me.

Dub said...

Glad you all liked it!

and i just had a feeling i would get side-eyed at least once. lol

And Deanna, I want to read it, too. is THAT bad?

@RonaldRanier said...

*Digs Grave
*Jumps In

Anonymous said...

OMG I freaking loooove this post!

Anonymous said...

runner ups: Omarion


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