Nickle and Dimed--Aubrey Graham

Jun 2, 2010


No. This is not what's happening to Drake.
It's the day the album drops,
June 15th!
Leaks are out but I'm holding out strong, with the exception of the Jeezy track.
But I'm sure the haters are listening intently and cookin' up that grade-A, bias negativity.
I ain't trippin' though. People are entitled to their opinion....
...even if it's lame.

I just really hope that when people listen to this album, their standards are that of a FRESHMAN album. Stop comparing Drake's debut effort to the likes of Lupe, Hov, Kanye, etc. Instead, compare
Thank Me Later to Wale's joint, B.o.B.'s joint, Wiz Khalifa's independent joint, Fashawn's joint that drops next Tuesday (don't know who he is do you? didn't think so) and Big Sean's joint......oops.

Not team Drake. #TeamBetterMusic


big booty judy. said...

i just downloaded it, but i will buy it on the 15th.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....