PASSION POST - Q&A with Shawnta

May 11, 2010


So, tell me a little bit about yourself?
Ahh the dreaded question!!! I never know what to say for these. Well I'm a 20-something single parent who works as an administrative professional by day and a blogger/youtuber by night. :) I enjoy all things creative so some of my hobbies include drawing, painting, sewing and crocheting.

What was your very first tattoo?
My first tattoo is of a butterfly. I did a post on it here.

How many tattoos do you have to date?
I never really know how to count the sleeve. I have 7 stand alone tattoos plus the sleeve. There are parts in the sleeve that were at one point stand alone tattoos so if you count those separately than it would be 9 plus the sleeve.

People have mixed feelings about tattoos. Some view them as rebellious, while others see them as works of art. What does ink mean to you?
I feel like an art collector with my tattoos. While others hang up paintings in their houses, I get to walk around with my masterpieces.

I was checking out your blog and you have several posts relating to your hair. It seems to be something that you’re very passionate about. It’s funny because my little brother has been loc’d for over a year now and recently got a tattoo of himself mimicking the photo of Bob Marley and the Lion ( which is only fitting considering his transition to dreads. Do you have any tattoos that reflect your passion(s)?
Although I do feel strongly about people accepting themselves for who they are naturally, hair is too temporary for me to devote a tattoo to. I love my locs but they may not be how I chose to represent myself for the rest of my life. My tattoos have elements in them that mark very important events, things that I have had an affinity to my entire life, or represents me and my children.

I also noticed on Twitter that you recently got a tattoo on your leg by Miya Bailey over at City of Ink in Atlanta. I happen to be a huge fan of his work! Do you get all of your work done there?
The majority of my work was done by the very talented Imani K. Brown over at Pinz N Needlez in DC. Her website is ArtisticSole.

Do you have any tattoos planned for the future?
Well I have the rib piece to finish. After that I really think I may be done or will at least be on a tattoo hiatus for while. If I ever find a man crazy enough to marry me I will probably get something to represent our marriage or if I have anymore children. Some of the older ones I may get reworked. I have been able to have all of the things that really mean a lot to me represented so in a way I feel "full" as far as my desire to get any more. I really like the placement of my tattoos and anything more might mess it up.


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Supastarrr said...

I love her back piece!
She has some of the best black && greys
I've seen [i.e. I need to meet her artist].

SunSoakerB said...

Love her tattoos. BTW there is something wrong with the address for Brown over at Pinz N Needlez in DC it links to ( when is should be (

Boi Genius said...
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Bsquared86/Bsquared0408 said...

yay, shawnta!

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