Apr 22, 2010

I scratched the service of this issue on my Twitter page but not all of you follow me on there (for whatever reason lol). ANYwho...

Dear self-proclaimed "Sneakerheads":
Y'all make me sick. Not common-cold sick. Like, terminal illness sick. A lot of responsibility comes with the title "sneakerhead" and much like the overflow of independent "rappers," y'all are claiming the rights with nothing to show for it!

I mean, look at this bamma ish:

"Steezin on these heathens--these don't come out for another week" _Teyana Taylor (via Twitter)

Disgusting! These shoes were on sale for $120.00 on EVERY legitimate sneaker website and she's posin' like she is holding two pieces of gold from King Tut's tomb? Unacceptable.

Many of you don't understand the difference between a sneaker enthusiast and a Sneakerhead. Many of you just like shoes. Please leave it at that and don't tread in unfamiliar waters. You own a few pair of Retros, and some cross-color Adidas..fine. Be that. But don't brag about your "collection".

Sneakerheads didn't decide one day that they wanted to be a Sneakerhead, but over years of accumulating OGs, limited, Rare, and flat out exclusive sneakers, they have come into their own. Sneakerheads DON'T post pictures licking the bottom of their sneakers. Sneakerheads DON'T walk into boutiques and tag check. Sneakerheads recognize quality over quantity. And Sneakerheads have an idea who Tinker Hatfield, DJ Clark Kent, Matt Halfhill, Mayor, Wil Whitney, Chris Vidal, Jeremy Scott, and Joe La Puma are. Last but not least, a sneakerhead keeps their boxes!! I could continue, but I'm in class right now and my teacher keeps staring at me with the I know you're not typing notes face. But I hope I got my point across.

With love. (Disclaimer: I'm not a sneakerhead. Can't afford it. But, I know a lil' bit.)


Supastarrr said...

I hear that loud && clear!
I'm no sneakerhead but
I'm aware of the boundary
between sneakerhead && enthusiast
b|c too many fools cross it.

lalaliybean said...

lol i'm glad you touched on "rappers" too. every male between the ages of 13-26 thinks they can rap. flooding my fb newsfeed with links and such. some one needs to ask them, "can you please sit your ass down, sir?"

couchpotatos said...

im like supastarr up there tryna go from enthusiast to head..
gettin my collection up..

someone buys a pair of spacejams,
and think theyre about something..

or own a pair of general release dunks,
no sb
jus dunks.
school em.

come see us,

got alot of sneaker stuff on there,lol

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....