Apr 4, 2010

So this is what my timeline on Twitter looks like today:

-Thank God for today! Happy Easter everyone!
-Y’all heathens were getting high yesterday, now you praising God! Ok?
-Happy Resurrection day twitfam!
-Y’all only praise God on Easter and Christmas, or when something good happens. #smh
-On my way to Church, hope everyone has a blessed day!
-#Shoutout to those who were in the club last night and are praising God today.

Out of those statements, can you tell me who is Christian and who is not? (That was rhetorical, of course, but one would assume that the people exalting His name are Christians and that the people throwing shade are not.) It's odd but most people who profess to be Christians woke up this morning with the purpose of shaming those who they have deemed not worthy enough to praise God. The bible says, "Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope of a fool than of him”(Proverb 26:12). This basically states, there is more hope for a fool, than for a self-righteous religious person.

In my opinion, there are ways to go about planting seeds and making efforts to win souls for Christ, but what I’ve observed is that many people present the Gospel in such a way that it turns people COMPLETELY away from Christ. Instead of presenting the Word in an effort to save people, many "Christians” make cute statements that belittle those who may not be completely saved, sanctified, and Holy Ghost filled.

The Bible also says, “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven” (Luke 6:37). But what I’ve concluded about a lot of college-aged Christians is that they go through this exact progression:

1. not completely delivered 2. saved 3. filled with the Holy Spirit 4. now qualified enough to judge those who are in the same position that they were once in.

I mean I'm exaggerating a little, but I see this in a lot of people who claim to be moving in Christ, especially on Holiday's like Easter, Christmas, etc. They make statements judging other people and it can't the way God wants us to be. I just think people need to self-reflect before assessing the actions of others.


Shadé said...


Anonymous said...

aren't you judging them too tho....?

Dub said...

how so? and we can proceed from there

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're judging them - just calling them out on what they're doing. People do it on Easter, Christmas, shoot the 3rd Saturday in October! there are always those "holier-than-thous" but you've just gotta be rooted in YOUR relationship & let em roll right off your shoulder.

Happy Easter!

Dub said...


I think it is wrong for someone who says that they are striving to more like Jesus to willfully pass judgment on others who aren't there yet. God himself shows INFINITE amounts of favor, grace, and mercy for EVERYONE even in their lowest of lows. So, what would make MAN in liberty to pass judgment?

I'm just questioning the motives of Christians who think that it is appropriate to blindly call people out who are making an effort to lift Him up...EVEN if it is 1 day out of the year. Especially when there are tons more effective routes to usher people to the throne...for example, giving your own testimony and showing how He has affected your life.

To me, it seems painstakingly obvious but if you believe that is "judging" then maybe I need to reorient myself.

RawrSavvy said...

I can see your point, this is the exact reason I do not like Church.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you're at stage 4 too...

Dub said...

No it sooounds like I hit a nerve. But I digress, because you're missing the entire point. Plus, you're entitled to your opinion just like the next man.

Anonymous said...

@Dub hey i was the 2nd anon theres 2 dif ones... i handnt even read the comments but no you didnt hit a nerve i just dont see how you can call ppl out without judging as well - by calling them out you're doing the same thing - i agree that they shouldve kept their neg tweets to themselves but by questioning their Christianity you're taking on the holier than thou attitude as well... have you "self-reflected before assessing their actions"? as much as we'd hate to admit it, every1 is prone to judging and to sin in general, and everyone falls short of His glory. no one is perfect in His eyes but Jesus. and Thank God for Him!

im not a freq flyer on ur blog but i gen enjoy the random posts i read... other than this post of course

Dub said...

I've been called a lot of things before but never once, "holier than thou"...

Contrary to what you think, I wasn't questioning anyone's Christianity. That's not my place. Never will be. And if you read for clarity, that's exactly what I'm arguing against.

I am, however, questioning how people conduct themselves as Christians because with that title, comes a LOT of responsibility. Now, if you want to call me out for not handling this appropriately, then I'll accept THAT. But I wrote this in defense of people who don't even attend church because they constantly feel as though they are being judged.

Anyone who has ever been to church knows that the way you act, speak, dress, etc. is all socially constructed and you stick out like a sore thumb (and judged often times) if you don't fit the mold. Same as people being called out on Twitter. That's all

Kelz said...

The term judging is used in two different ways in the bible. The one that is mentioned above, and also in Matthew 7:16. When Christ explains that we will know people by their fruits. I've been taught that judging one's relationship with Christ, and their motives is not our place. For only God knows a person's motives, and their relationship with him. However he does tell us to judge others by their fruit so we can determine whether things are good, bad, evil, or righteous. Also in Philippians 1:9,10 he uses the term judge as in to distinguish, to decide, to determine, to conclude, to try, to think, and to call into question. This is what I think Trey is doing in this post. I personally think that calling attention to people that seem to be going about converting people in the wrong way is not judging them, but rather exactly what the bible tells us to do. To make sure that we are judging ourselves first, and ENCOURAGING others to walk with Christ, and coming from a humble and honest place, and veering from hypocrisy.

underHisanointing said...

I completely agree with this..
Hypocrisy is the best term to describe it I believe
Romans 3:23 states, "For ALL have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." Not some, but ALL. In my opinion, this verse right here, basically says no one, not one, has the right to judge anyone because none of us are perfect..we are all one in the same at the end of the day regardless of how "holy and sanctified" we THINK we are. We are not, nor will we ever be, God. Period.
Like your blog..glad I found it!

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