Spring Break Photo Competition

Mar 21, 2010

Remember my homie, Margaret, that allowed me to lend a hand in an art project of her's a while back? Well, she recently bought a dope Canon DSLR (similar to the one that I have) so I decided to challenge her to a friendly photo competition.

We both took trips over Spring Break...I went to Miami to hang with my extended family and she went to Mexico with the UNC Women's Soccer team ('09 National Champs by the way--sorry, i couldn't resist) and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to see who could bring back the best picture. Surrounded by a lot of nice scenery, both in Mexico and South Florida, I love both of the pics that we chose to use, haha.

Check 'em out:

This is the pic that she took of one of her friends playin' soccer with a SICK backdrop.

And this is a pic that I took of my friend competing in the Hood Olympics, haha. He got a challenge that he couldn't resist.

So, who took the best picture?! Drop a comment and let us know what's up!


A.R. said...

your header is bomb.

IEpersonality said...

I love them both!! Trey< was he tryna make it over the car?

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....