"Dear Summer I know you gon' miss me ‘Fore we been together like Nike Airs and Crisp Tees" _Jay-Z

Mar 29, 2010


♪ Take Over The World (Feat. Just Blaze & Colin Munroe)

I don't know if y'all are anything like me, but songs have a tendency to hold memories, ESPECIALLY songs heard during the summer months. So, while listening to Kidz in the Hall's new album, Land of Make Believe, I came across this track and jus' knew that I would be rockin' to it this summer with the top back windows rolled all the way down, and system on blast. If you haven't heard their album yet, get into it. It's reminiscent of hip hop, circa '92, '93, '94.
**Update: For some reason, my flashplayer isn't working, click here to check out the track!


Eury said...

Its crazy, but I was just saying to myself how alot of artists are reverting back to hip hop of the 90's.

I like it!

Check things out at my blog, i think you'll like the changes :)

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....