My LIFE, your entertainment....but why?

Feb 5, 2010


Sometimes I think that because celebrities are so accessible, and we know the ins-and-out of what they're doing on the daily, we think that we're entitled to make assumptions and pass judgment on what they should or should not be doing outside of the realm of performance.

In light of Jay-Z being scrutinized for his relationship with Christ, or lack thereof, I've been thinking a lot about the role of celebrities in our society and this is the stance that I take:
Personally, I've always tried to separate the entertainer from the service that they provide. Believe it or not, what celebrities do is really no different than any other job, except that get paid more. Musicians, actors, and athletes are all responsible for providing a good to the public, just like someone who works a 9 to 5 at Wal-Mart.

I never give thought to the fact that the cashier at McDonalds might fight dogs and street race illegally on the weekends with his niggas because none of that matters as long as he/she serves my food with a smile and doesn't forget to gimme my drink WITHOUT ice. So, in the same token, how can I chastise a celebrity for the life that they lead, as long as they aren't slacking in the good that they provide (aka their job). Shouldn't it be solely up to the celebrities boss or governing organization to have a say how they should and shouldn't act, just to protect profit....not up to us to speculate?

Take Tiger Woods for instance...
All of the coverage behind his affair should not have affected people's perceptions of him as an ATHLETE. Yet and still, some people immediately cried out that he should be suspended as if he had been accused of steroid usage or something relevant to his JOB. Currently, there is no separation between the work place and the personal life's of these people. And as someone who reads about celebrities all the time, I could care less about their downfalls cause it's gon' come a time for them to meet their Maker, just like me. All I care about is that they serve me with a smile and don't forget to hold the ice in my drink!


Kelz said...

If that's the case then the religious affiliation or extra curricluar activities of government offficials do not matter to you either? Because being the president is just a job right?

I don't know if I agree with that. I think our beliefs heavily influence who we are as a person and that affects every aspect of our lives. If I knew the lady at McDonald's practiced witchcraft on the weekends, I'd get my #5 no pickles else where.

I agree people shouldn't be soooo overly concerned with the lives of celebrities. However I think once you become famous you should realize the kind of influence you have and behave accordingly. But I'm starting to think that's too much to ask these days.

Kelz said...

How is the president a stretch? Because he's a public figure? Aren't celebrities public figures? Representatives of their genre, of their label.

It is what it is though. We really only know what the tell us, or what they get caught doing. So if you want to be incognito ::cough Kanye West cough:: maybe going off on flight attendants isn't the way to go. Clearly this man has an anger management problem. But I'm not going to judge him, cause I'm sure I'd be a permanent butt hole if my mom died.

Dub said...

To compare the job of presidency to niggas who sing about "p-poppin on a handstand" is a major stretch. Good point, but the president is just one exception, who personal life and VIEWS influence his decisions on legislation, etc.

I just find it funny that there is no privacy or division AT ALL between the personal life's of celebrities and their one-dimensional job. For instance, how can you justify coming down on Michael Phelps for smoking weed, when it wasn't something that he did in the public eye. People saw fit to dig and search into his PERSONAL life and expose him. He never came on national TV blunted, acting reckless...nor has his personal life hindered him from performing his job top notch.

All in all, i just don't see why there is an obligation on the part of regular people to know what celebrities do to the extent of INVASION of privacy.

Anonymous said...

I mean, in a sense celebrities are public figures & they sacrifice their life to be such. But their is a certain line to be drawn & with an increase in the paparazzi and such, this line is clearly being crossed.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....