"My Chick Bad" _Ludacris

Feb 27, 2010


Keri Hilson was lookin' type scrumptious at the NAACP Image Awards recently. Lawd hagh'mercy, all black everything looks good on everyone in my opinion, but who am I right. Anywho, I heard Mr. Keri won an award, also. For what? I don't know...but 'least she looked good doing so.

In other news:
Chris Brown clearly just turned 14 this week judging by this picture. Y'all say Happy Birthday to this cornball and don't ever let me catch you posing like this again. Grow up, brah. Kthanksbye.

(pics via TheYBF)


Jasmine Rachelle said...

she looks nice .. best she eva looked..
cb is a kid !

Kelz said...

I think this is probably the best she has EVER looked. Gone head...

And Chris Brown thinks making a sex-tape/mixtape makes him grown...WRONG

A.R. said...

lmao, chris looks fucking retarded.

lalaliybean said...

keri hilson is so damn bland but she looks like a bombshell in this pic so... carry on, keri.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....