28 Days of American History

Feb 15, 2010


"Loving vs. Virginia

Click here to learn about Mildred and Richard Loving. This interracial couple tied the not in D.C. but moved back to their hometown in VA and were arrested for violating a racial integrity law in 1958 that stated interracial marriage was unlawful. Learn how this couple won the case that struck down these old laws (and made couples like Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush possible! You mad? lol


Dub said...

you better say dat!!! interracial love is a beautiful thing ain't it!

Anonymous said...

this is always one of my favorite Black History stories because it shows that 1) all white people DIDN'T/DON'T hate black people (i'm so tired of hearing that excuse) & 2) our people fought for EVERYTHING & even if we take it for granted that we can just look at or step to someone of another race, it's possible because someone was willing to fight not just for themselves, but for us too.

ebfareast said...

love your blog so far. i know your sister Tiffany from UNC. suggestion, you should add social media fwding option like tweetmeme or something. i would love to fwd your blogs to my FB and twitter fam :)

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