Jan 31, 2010

So I have noticed in the several months that I have been an avid user of Twitter that some people are still having trouble grasping the DOs and DON'Ts. So in case you were confused, here is the run-down on Twitter etiquette. (The following photos were made by me, but the names are fake as not to hurt any of my followers feelings...because we all know some of y'all are soft.)

1. DO NOT reply to every celebrity you follow. FYI unless they are doing absolute NOTHING with their life, they aren’t going to respond.

2. DO NOT think you’re hard by @ mentioning someone, but you got the hush mouth when you see them in person. What are you a Twitter Gangster? WOMP!!!

Twitter DO NOT2

3. DO NOT get Twitter if you’re only going to tweet once a month. Stick to Facebook. Especially if your tweets are basic.

Twitter DO NOT3

4. DO NOT impersonate a celebrity. That is hands down the lamesest thing you could ever do. Are you really that lost, that you’d rather perpetrate as someone else than be yourself. #getalife

Twitter DO NOT4
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over use your RT tool. Ain’t nothing worse than a person that retweets everything under the sun. If you can’t come up with your own independent thoughts, close your account. #imjustsayin

Twitter DO NOT5

6. DO NOT go in on trending topics if you’re not entertaining. You just end up taking up space in my timeline. No one wants to hear you ramble for hours with extra basic tweets. You will be unfollowed immediately.

Twitter DO NOT6

7. DO use the DM (direct message) tool. It’s there for you and your little friends and all your inside jokes. Because when you and your friend go back and forth, and back and forth with an hour long conversation. I get pissed, and you guessed it, you will be unfollowed.

Twitter DO NOT7
Can y'all think of any more Twitter DOs and DONTs that people should be aware of??!!

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Sylvia said...

This is so true. How about DON'T use Twitter to put all your personal business up there, some things should be kept to yourself. And don't try to tweet something that u stole from someone else without using the RT. Give credit when credit is due.

Donielle K. said...

DO NOT use twitter to tweet about how lonely, depressed, or sad you are...i wanna see some excitement! lol

» Gia said...

DO NOT tweet stupid shit such as "i'm bored"
or "going to sleep"
or "im hungry"

Jaron said...

What about those people that make up ridiculous TTs that are clearly sentences? #girlyousodumb #icantstoplaughing

Kelz said...

Jaron you read my freaking mind. People be placing # signs everywhere. Like someone other than you found that funny.

lalaliybean said...

lmfao this shit is hilarious. i'm definitely good for doing #3 and I had a twitter for a long as time. i have 7 tweets. i'm just not into that shit.

Supastarrr said...

lmao @ 3. you hit the nail on the head, my friend.

Anonymous said...

don't do indirect tweets!!! if you got some shit to say to someone on a personal note AT LEAST send a text. No time for drama filling up my timeline!

Marie said...

im guilty for number 7 & random usage of the pound. the way i see it though my shit is private so i can pound as much as i like, it aint gonna show up anywhere besides my timeline & whoever follows me anyway----i think. **Ye shrug**

& the whole dm thing---i say use that for private/intimate/what folks outside of said convo would consider to be tmi. twitter is a communication tool though so i will continue to have my public conversations.

& if folks dont like it, feel free to hit that unfollow. it really wont hurt me none. idk a lot of yall offline anyhow.

ps: twitter dont: it really is not necessary to give a play by play.
1:01 o no, im late.
1:07 just walking into class, i am so late.
1:50 leaving class now, going to the next
2:00 in my next class now
---one tweet would sufficed for alla that

pss: dont recycle tweets either. just cuz no one was awake when you tweeted it at 3:45 in the a.m does not mean you need to say it again at 2:30 p.m. if we care about what you have to say that much, your profile will be clicked upon.

sorry for rambling =)
that is all

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