Ludacris vs. Wale, "O Let's Do It"

Jan 31, 2010

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So two of my favorite artists freestyle'd over the popular club banger "O Let's Do It" and both of 'em killed it!!! Wale is THAT DUDE in my opinion but I'm definitely not one of the many people that sleep on Luda (he in my top 10 rappers easily). The beat is ill as is and the fact that other people are hoppin' on it besides Wocka Flocka is coooool with me. Check 'em out:

Wale freestyle

Ludacris freestyle

Luda got 'em in my opinion, homie! Who you think came the hardest on this jawn?


Anonymous said...

DON'T CROSS ME LIKE JUST LIKE ATHEIST? what?!! I couldn't even finish the rest took my half the verse to get it then my mind was blown...ddddaaammmmnnnn!!

Dub said...

SICK, right?!

Supastarrr said...

omg Wale got it.
they both are crazyyy.

thee MRS ; ! said...

I'm sayin', they both was hittin'. My man Luda was animated as usual, hasn't failed yet. With that said though, I gotta give it to Wale. He got off on the beat.

Im.Just.Riss. said...

wale got it

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....