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Jan 16, 2010


So, I was on Facebook the other day and saw a group that said, "tights are not pants" with some 3,000 members in it. THREE THOUSAND, son? I ain't trippin' over the fact that people don't like tights, whatever is whatever. I'm trippin over the fact that every other member in the group was a MAN. Uhhhm, will somebody please explain to me why do DUDES are complaining about girls wearing tights everyday?! Tights ain't goin' nowhere no time soon, like Honda Accords and I ain't mad at all. They come in all different styles--cotton jawns; ones that look JUST like jeans; and my personal favorite, the liquid leather ones aka the "Erin Andrews Specials". I love 'em all! Ladies, bless ya hearts!

But don't get it twisted though, some of y'all just bein' lazy--wearing tights everyday just because you bought a pack in bulk at Sam's Club! Some of y'all just plain nasty--wearin' the same tights you worked out in last night to dinner the next day! Some of y'all not buying them in the right size--got on some joints that are 3 sizes too big and now you walkin' around with a drop crotch lookin' 68 years old. Some of y'all just NOT THINKING before you reach in your closet for your favorite go-to leggings--wearing them joints to formal events lookin' like you just stepped fresh out of Forever21. Peep some of my favorite legging-wearing ladies to see how it's supposed to be done, aight?

My favorite Armenian lookin' right in the classic, black jawns.

Ok so, this ain't "how its supposed to be done" cause my Philly-Boo look a HAM in this picture, but milk sure does a body good. Cuh'lawdamercy.

Even though she look like Prince in this jawn, Rih Rih go hard in these "Erin Andrews specials".

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, the love of my life Bria Myles showing that tights serve a practical purpose as well. But I bet she wouldn't wear these joints to class the next day! SMH.

If you want to get ya legging game up, check out these following locations, and tell 'em ya boy Trey sent'chu:


GlAMGiRL said...

haha tights are definitely the new pants!!! but my whole thing is viewer discretion advised. some people are not self concious at all, nor do they think hmm maybe a baby tshirt is not really appropriate with tights outside of the gym.

Jaron said...

Lol, not sure how I feel about this trend, but I'm definitely loving Kim's Fendi bag.

Alejandra R. said...

i love tights and i love this post, lol. you know whussup ... kuddos.

RavynRae said...

I agree..ha!

Audrey. said...

i love trend, but sometimes chicks be takin it too far. lol.

lalaliybean said...


Supastarrr said...

lmaooo not drop crotch!
broads like Kim && Amber wear
it like it's their UNIFORM.
they need some skinny jeans in their

Marie said...

haha. dudes complaining about the ladies wearing leggings. are you crazy?! sure some girls definitely should not attempt the trend but if worn right and at the proper time & place i dont see the problem. i love my leggings. i dont wear em every day but when mother nature comes knocking & im feeling bloated or fat or too lazy to get "dressed", please believe im checking for the leggings. plus the jawns are comfortable as all hell. i wish somebody would tell me to put em away. **takes earrings off & grabs the Vaseline** lol

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