"From the polo fleece to the Jesus piece..." _Kanye

Jan 24, 2010


Remember when I told y'all about GoodWood NYC, the company that makes custom wooden jewelry? Well, they released a black-wood Jesus piece necklace ($65.00) for only 24 hrs sometime back in November. Although I missed out on a chance to cop one during that release, I still managed to get one via a Twitter give-away. I was STUPID syked! The quality is excellent and due to the limited nature of it, people are flippin' 'em on Ebay for high prices. Check out the winning bid for this jawn:


GoodWood's buzz is pickin' up and a lot of celebrities have been seen rockin' their pieces. Y'all just wait til you see the custom piece that I'm about to get made pretty soon. My idea is (Gucci Mane voice) "crazy"!

Mos Def

Bun B

Check out GoodWood NYC here and tell 'em Dub sent'chu, homie!


Alejandra R. said...

wah?! how did you get it?! my boyfriend got one, i'm bout to sell it!!!!!!

Dub said...

hahahaha, swipe it and sell it. cool 300 easy

Supastarrr said...

that's dopee!
congrats on getting it!

Anonymous said...

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lalaliybean said...

niiiice. *fab voice*

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....