Cannot hold water

Jan 2, 2010


It's no secret at all that it's that time of the year again. The infamous post-Christmas sales are in full-effect! A lot of dudes hit up Footlocker and call it a day but being the opportunist that I am, I try to branch out and take advantage of all types of sales. Personally, Bath and Body Works is the lick, so I definitely try to slide through and snag a few Wallflowers to keep my apartment smellin' like vanilla caramel. ($5 dollars a pop--who can beat that?!)

Anywho, the Vicky Secret Semi-Annual Sale just launched recently and while it naturally gets womenfolk's panties in a bunch, there are a few things in there for men, too. Shout-out to my boss for puttin' me on this crispy fragrance:

Very Sexy for Him
On Sale for $23.50

So, you can go ahead to your local Victoria's Secret and tell 'em Trey sent'chu, aight? Happy Shopping!


lovelylavendar said...

im definitely feelin you on the wallflowers....vanilla caramel is my fave go boy!!! lol

Jaron said...

Per your suggestion, I ALMOST walked into Vickie Secret today, lol.

Dub said...

ROFL! If you don't have your mind made up before entering the mall, it can be an intimidating on-site decision

Anonymous said...

i smelled that "very sexy for him" yesterday. it's great.
and it helps if you get a token female friend to go with so you don't feel awkward. lol.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....