Dec 20, 2009

I'm adding something new for y'all today! In addition to my Thank Me Later mixtape posts I'm going to try and post a playlist every week consisting of #MusicMonday tweets from people that I follow on Twitter. I even took the time to make the picture that you see above to show you that it's not a game!

If the #MusicMonday tweets are slackin' during a particular week, I'll pass. But for the most part I follow some musically savvy folks who tweet some dope tracks every week. So, check out my very first #MusicMonday mixtape from last week's tweets.
  1. Fonzworth Bentley ft. Kanye West & Andre 3k, "Everybody" (via @mynameisclay)
  2. Solange, "Stillness is the Move (cover)" (via @joshjenks)
  3. Ludacirs ft. Shawna, "How Low can you go" (via @TDouble_U)
  4. Musiq, "So Beautiful" (via @ItzBreeZyBaby)
  5. Kanye West, "Drunk and Hot Girls" (via @daterapedrug)
  6. Brandy, "Sittin Up in My Room" (via @MelDenise)
  7. Mike Posner, "Drug Dealer Girl" (via @FredReid)
  8. Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne, "You" (via @Just4k1ckz)
  9. Kid Cudi, "Soundtrack to my Life" (via @AdoreMyAllure)
  10. Rickey Smiley "We Miss Robert (skit)" (via @AntoinetteR)
  11. Brian McKnight, "Home for the Holidays" (Late Night Christmas Jam via @Noraj_Jaron)


Joshua Henry Jenkins said...

this is a good idea man.
and thanks for including me :)

Dub said...

no problem man, you have more music than anyone, so thank you! lol

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....