U-S. H-E-R. R-A. Y-M. O-N-D.

Oct 5, 2009

Usher's album Confessions is undeniably one of the best R&B albums of the last decade or so. Oh, I forgot to say "in my opinion". People like to get testy nowadays when you claim som'n as the best.

Well, anywho, Usher is back in the studio workin' on a new album entitled Raymond vs. Raymond, and I'm geeked about it! I think big homie TANKED with his last effort Here I Stand because he chose to dedicate the entire jawn to that ol' cougerTameka. Well, it was nice of him to rejoice in his marriage and all, but the CD was borrrrrring.

Now that Usher is coming off of a fresh divorce, the content on his latest effort should be a little more risque. Shoot, I 'on't condone drama or nothin' but it's cool jus' long as I'm not in it! Judging from the newly leaked track, "Papers", Usher ain't pullin' any punches about his relationship pitfalls with oh girl

Check out the track:

Ewwwwww, juicy.
Did that dude say, "I dang near lost my momma"? Ay yo Chad, what we tell 'em when they get to talkin' crazy?

Sho' you right!

Oh, and if the beat off of Usher's track sounds familiar, you may have heard it on Gorilla Zoe's Don't Feed the Animals. Zoe's track is called "So Sick" and it is definitely my cut!!! Check it out:


Bang Bang said...

Yes I want Usher to get reckless. Its like tameka has sucked out all the sexy and his rock solid v cuts....sigh* Ill get mack on track since I know you dont care bout thosr things. Hopefully he'll win me over with this album.

Buddy said...

Kudos On This Post..... I agree on the "confessions" statement and "Here I Stand". Best Songs were the commercially released ones.

Im expecting alot from this upcoming album.... but a change of album name maybe? to evolution...

Whatchu think ?


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