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Sep 28, 2009

If you know me, you know that I do NOT do scary movies. A small part of me just cannot man up and do it, 'cause I like to sleep at night. But the other part of me thinks horror films are terrrible in general.

They usually don't have a plot at all, they all open with a sex scene, then the extra ethnic black guy/girl is killed off, then the main character's close friend ends up dying, and somehow the main character lives regardless of how many DUMB THINGS they do. Not to mention, the movie always ends with a short glimpse of the supposedly dead killer to insinuate that there will be a sequel.


Freddy Krueger, however, is not only a classic....but he is typically funny in the films, too. Can't wait to see this jawn! Maybe.....


Marie said...

Yoooo. You're so on point as far as the horror movie plots go. I love em though. Im not sure if its due to the adrenaline rush or what but im always down for a good scary movie as long as i dont have to watch it alone.

I like this post. Made me laugh some.
& Freddy still scares me. Lol

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....