Sep 9, 2009

I used to think ALL single women were bitter.
I just had the game backwards, that's all.
I can guarantee, however, that all bitter women are single.
[que Beyonce, "Single Ladies"]
And I feel sorry for 'em...


Bitter women get this>>
..with the quickness of Usain Bolt.

And what I just don't get is...
Why do bitter women spend waste so much time quoting statistics about the quality of men?
"25% of men are lame. 25% are cheaters. 25% are gay. The last 25% are taken."


100% of [YOU] is single. Sittin' in front of your computer lookin' like this>>
And the only people that find your statistics amusing are your other single friends.


Ever thought that it may be you? Okay, I won't go there.
Maybe its your taste in men? (Yeah, that's a little easier for your ego to handle.)

Let's See:
You gave the goon a shot because you thought
he had "plen'eey moooooney".

You gave the ladies man a shot, because you thought
you could change a nigga.

You gave the football player a shot, because you liked his body...
...and you thought he might go pro one day.

You gave the "cool dude" a shot cause he had 2,000 friends on Facebook.


In summation, you Bitter Betty's make the choice to be with who you want to be with. I'm not the best judge of character, but I can tell if someone possesses similar values as myself, just by having a few conversations with them. No, there may not be a multitude of men available for you women to choose from, but y'all niggas aren't makin' smart choices either way! And it isn't like men have a smorgasbord to choose from, either. But, I won't go there. That's for another post, coming soon.


Dee said...

and the church says...amen

Tina said...

amen. im believing in jesus that he will take hold of the wheel & my hormones. lmbo! stooping or trying to be the nice girl so those particular guys u were talking about above don't call ya a b*tch all leads to failure. esp that tying to be nice. i learned u can't be nice out here in these streets... they're COLD! :)

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....