Sep 14, 2009

Professional football is BACK in full swing, ladies and gentlemen. After an entertaining first week. Here's what I have to say, as I look forward to the upcoming Sunday's:

  • TO, Any day now sir?
  • I commend old men for wanted to fulfill their dreams and continue playing, but Brett Favre, give it up already! This isn’t field of dreams!
  • In all honesty, I thought Mark Sanchez was all hot air—impressive performance my man. Tip my hatt to ya.
  • And veteran, Jake Delhomme, you need a mid-season pay cut if you keep performing the way that you did.
  • And just when I thought the possibility of Vick getting traded to the Panthers was going to come to fruition, McNabb gets hurt. Way to go.
  • Last but not least. Attention all NFL defenders: Adrian Peterson is a GROWN MAN! Don't believe me. Peep the vid.


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....