Sep 6, 2009

My girlfriend called me a hater the other day, because I told her Trey Songz album wasn't as hot as everyone is making it seem. still ain't. But this photo shoot is pretty dope though. Specifically, the jawn with the throwback radio. Say word, my big brah used to have something like that when I was little? Or maybe I'm just imaging things.

The photoshoot was with New York photographer Maya Guez, who is crazy talented. You can check out her portfolio HERE.


Tina said...

this is a never ending round about.... i remember we all talked about this one night. i think we like it but don't sweat it like so many others b/c we hear all his mixtapes & all the leaked material that when the album comes it's like oh hey more songz iish. lets get it to be current& have something new to listen to.

Anonymous said...

these photos are hot as fuck! the album is cool too bad he didnt use nun of these images for the album maybe it would sell more or at least made it nicer to listen to while u looking threw the album

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