Trey Songz, "Ready"--ALBUM REVIEW

Aug 31, 2009

I sat down and listened to Trey Songz' album in it's entirety and I'm here to provide you with the realest on READY. A lot of people women have been buzzin' about the album on Facebook, but I already know a lot of that excitement comes from the shirtless cover more than anything else. So, I decided to form my own opinion and here's what I discerned from the newly released LP from Trigga Trey.

First off, I would have to say that I'm impressed! You can preeeetty much listen to this album from track 1 to track 17 (or track 22, depending on if you got the Deluxe Edition or not). And while I would have
thoroughly enjoyed a song reminiscent of Trey Song'z mixtape tracks (a' la Pop Rose or D.O.K.), that hip-hop inspired track never surfaced, so I guess I'll have to wait until the next time. He pretty much stayed in the pocket on this go round.

theme of the CD is set right out the gate with the Intro, followed by my favorite track, "Neighbors Know My Name". He continues on with a nice little joint entitled "One Love" (that ode to that someone special song that every crooner puts on his album). It has a really nice sound to it and would serve as a really good single.

About mid-way through the CD, Trey switches up the tempo with "Say Ahh" (feat. Fabolous) and the radio-friendly "LOL :-)" (feat. Gucci Mane & Souljah Boy). When "Say Ahh" leaked earlier this week and I heard Fabolous was going to be on the LP version, I waited until the CD came out before listening to it and it was a complete disappointment!!!! But Trey pulled me back in with "Jupiter Love" and my second-fav' song on the cut "Black Roses" (which has a really dope, guitar-synth' sound to it).

Altogether, I recommend copping the album. Like I said, you can listen to it from beginning to end, which is both good
AND bad. Good, because the vocals are enjoyable so you never feel the need to skip because of some nonsense coming out the speakers. Bad, because after a while, the repetitive, sex-laden subject matter starts to run together and allllllll of the songs start sounding like continuations or remixes of one another.

Overall grade:

★★★* (3 out of 5 stars, and an asterick, LOL! Solid album. Points get deducted for pushing the joint back 100 times. Points get deducted for having the audacity to come at R.Kelly and release an album that doesn't quite stack up to "".)


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