AY, AY, AY RED...Com'ere lemme holla!!

Aug 2, 2009

So, I was thumbing through some of the pictures on my computer, moving them onto my external hard drive to keep my computer from runnin' so slow and I came across these joints...


The nicely dressed gentleman in the pink shirt is my homeboy, GETTIN' IT. (I know he gonna kill me if he sees this.) And that's me geekin' as usual. These pictures got me thinking about party etiquette and how some people get into a club or a party and stick out like a sore thumb because they don't follow these unwritten rules:

If you are are party, do NOT...
...post up on the dance floor and NOT dance, because there probably isn't enough space as is! That's what the wall is for.

...do a dance other than the one that goes with the current song playing. If "Stanky Leg" is on and you somewhere "chicken noodle soup'n" because you've been practicing all week and the DJ has yet to play it, kill yourself.

...get pissy drunk during pregame and come to the club lookin, sounding, and acting sloppy. Fallin' all over the bouncer and fightin' with the people in line because you had one to many shots of Patron

...forget where you are. This is a party, NOT the strip club. Therefore, you should leave your Twerk Team rendition at home, laid out all over the floor lookin' like you belong in Sugar Bears

...lower your standards because the girl-to-guy ratio is off. If there is one bangin' girl in the party that everyone is lined up to dance with, don't dance with the one-legged stripper, just because you wanna say that "you were killin it at the party"

...start taking your clothes off. You sweatin'. I'm sweatin'. The last thing i want is for one of us to get MRSA, cause I heard there ain't a cure for that nonsense.

...(fellas) dance with a girl and then follow her around the rest of the night like she owes you something. This is NOT So You Think You Can Dance, and y'all are not partners.

....(ladies) get mad at me cause I'm standin' behind you not doin' much. News Flash: You probably can't dance and I'm trying just bein' nice by not turning and walking away completely.

...rain on your friend's parade if they are having fun and you're not. Take one for the team. Nobody likes a nagger.

Now it's your turn. Complete the sentence, "If you are at a party, do NOT...." with your ideas of what people shouldn't do at a party/club!!!!


GlAMGiRL said...

lmao these are all so true. you would think they are common sense but some ppl really dont know.

Anonymous said...

Do not try to carry on a deep, personal conversation. The music is TOO LOUD and all I’m going to keep saying is WHAT? HUH?

Shanelle said...

Lol @ Suga BARES!! lol
Do not carry around bottles of alcohol/liquor and begin bouncin around to show off your money! Because that stuff ruins my outfits!!!!

d. said...

love love love these! i think i should print them out and give them to a few people i know. lol. all bad!!

do NOT try and dance with the same person (whom you do not know) for 7, 563, 673, 210 songs straight. back up, bruh!!!


Anonymous said...

That's some good stuff right there. I personally would appreciate if the club is significantly past capacity that you and your line brothers or sisters would not attempt to party hop through the crowd. It is already niggas on top of niggas and you think there is enough space for you to be clapping or snapping in my face. Please save that for your 10 hour long probates.

Tough-Love said...

Dang you covered all the basic stuff. I am really sitting here on my couch thinking hard I'll have to come back.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....