Driving and Dancing!!

Aug 12, 2009

So, when I finish moving into my apartment, I'm going to put my speakers back into my car. Having trunk space is cool and all, but there is nothing better than beatin' down the block, in the car dancing like it's nobodies business. And don't even trip like you don't go in, when your favorite song comes on the radio. Everybody's done it...
You're driving down the road.
Your favorite jawn comes on.
You turn the volume up as high as you can without tearin' something up.
And then you start doin' the car version of the jerk, stanky leg, or what have you.
You glance to your right and realize that people are pointing and/or laughing at you.
You look up and the traffic light is no longer red.
You look back through your rear view and the car behind you is trying to switch lanes because you are sitting at a green light.
All the while, you don't miss a lyric.
You shrug the spectators off and keep on jammin'.
Of course this is hypothetical, but similar things have happened to me. Oh, and before I go. I have to know--what is currently in the CD player of your car? I dug through a few old CD's the other day and I've been riding to Pretty Ricky's Blue Star album. (Don't judge me). When I put the speakers back in my car, I'll be more selective because people can actually hear what I'm listening to. LOL


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....