"Is you rollin'?"

Jul 4, 2009



So, I hardly ever wear anything but jeans. I don't care if its a 150 degrees outside, you are still going to catch me in a pair of dark-washed denim, light-colored denim, khaki pants, etc. Don't get me wrong, I can twerk with cargo shorts occasionally, but it is just something about jean shorts that makes me cringe. Seeing as though... I primarily wear jeans, I am searching for different ways to freak them in the summertime when the temperatures are hot enough to make you think about going free-ballin'. Apparently the new fad is rollin' up your pant-leg, and rockin' a nice pair of boat shoes or some variation of them. I can dig that! My girlfriend is so oppposed to the look, but I see myself rockin' this before the summer is out, considering how sexy my ankles are (okay nah)...but I am going to Vegas in August and I could see myself walkin' down the street with this on.

What do you think about the look. Is you rollin'?
(pictures from Urban Gentleman)


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....