What's your "drug"?

Jun 4, 2009


Soooo, everyone has something that they are passionate about. Based on a lot of my blog posts, you would think that I have a vested interest in material things, like shoes and clothes or whatnot. And while that is partially true, I am in no way passionate about fashion. What I'm most passionate about is music. Jazz, Hip Hip, Gospel, R&B, Pop, House, some light rock...whatever. If it has a nice sound, I'll give it a chance.

Have you ever ran across some new music (a song, a CD, a mixtape, etc.) and got antsy because you couldn't wait to listen to it? Especially when you buy/download some new music late at night...you get so anxious to hear it that you cannot even sleep, so you stay up all late in order to listen to it? Maybe some of y'all can't relate, maybe some of y'all can. But I know one thing, everyone has a passion, or something that they are downright addicted to. Basically, my "drug" of choice is music. Lately, I've been going to the studio, messing around with the equipment in there. I'll probably record a few tracks for the heck of it, because its mad fun. Shoot, hopefully one day I'll learn how to play an instrument....but for now, I'll settle for listening to it.

By the way, what's your "drug"?


NiiNa said...

my blog....for some reason im addicted to it. I get to talk about what I like and i use it as my escape. :)

Trey "Dub" Washington said...

i feel you! haha. whats your blog URL?

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