Marriage vs. a Relationship

May 25, 2009


It is imperative that I let some of you know the difference between a committed relationship and marriage, because nowadays people are actin' like they are one in the same and they are not. BE CLEAR, while a marriage is a form of a committed relationship, a committed relationship is NOT a form of marriage. A lot of people mess up, putting marriage constraints on someone who they are just dating. Disclaimer: If you disagree with the views expressed below, sue me.

If you are in a marriage...and a man says, "What's mine is yours" than he literally means whatever he owns, you have the right to claim ownership to it as well.
If you are in a committed relationship...and a man says, "What's mine is yours" than he is referring to
"The D" and that's it. As far as everything else goes, you should very well ask first to avoid getting the cuss out.

If you are in a marriage....and your girl says that she is going out, she should inform you as to where she is going and who she will be with.
If you are in a committed relationship...and your girl says that she is going out than she is NOT obligated to tell you where she is going, who she is going with, or what time she will be getting home. Fellas, please stop handcuffin'. It's lame and uncalled for.

If you are in a marriage...and your significant other calls/texts you, try to respond in a very timely manner because the line of communication in a marriage should never be broken.
If you are in a committed relationship...and your significant other calls/texts you, respond in enough time to let him or her know that you are still living. Straight up, men aren't really tryin' to be on call 'cause it seems like we are on Lock-Down and that's not the business at all.

If you are in a should not be allowed to sit down in front of the TV and play video games or watch ESPN 23 out of the 24 hours of the day. There is usually ish to be done around the house, or time to be spent with your significant other.
If you are in a committed can watch the game and not say one word to your girl if you want to because she really wasn't trying to communicate when Grey's Anatomy Season Finale was on. Shoot, you can turn to ESPNClassic and watch the game all over again on a different couch so you can get a different vantage point of the game if you want to.

If you are in a marriage...there should be some transparency in regards to the bank accounts that each one of you have. Fellas, if you say that you're broke one day and buy a 50'' HDTV the next, then there will be repercussions.
If you are in a committed relationship...your money is just that, YOUR money. BAOW!

If you are in a can hound your man for trying to wear his lime green, velor, high school prom shirt to dinner. It's imperative that each one of you maintain the same level of flyness throughout the marriage that you had coming into it.
If you are in a committed really don't have the right to tell the other person nothing 'bout nothin'! If he wants to wear flip flop and socks everyday for the next year, than you can either get with it or get lost. Nobody is obligated to change anything about themselves to gain approval from someone else their dating. That's lame.

By no means is the list exhaustive, but I think you get the picture. If you don't get the picture, its because you're probably guilty, somewhere frontin' like you're married when you are only in a relationship. Ladies and gentleman, PLEASE join the Stop The Madness Movement before you go from "in a relationship" to "single and looking". Thanks, and have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

lol... u are right. it def goes both ways. there are some things don't happen in a relationship... but these things smooth themselves out w/ dating experience. my pet peeve... going to the club w/ ur S.O. OMG!! it does NOT work... EVER. u may be able to pull off a lounge but never a hole in the wall.

calling.. txting issue well it depends on how the relationship is going & if u're even talking about anything worth a hoot...but always if u're out late at least text to let SO know u're in safely. DUH. ( i could be paranoid b/c everytime i didn't get anything something BAD hapepned.)

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