"I leave the booth smelling like Burberry colooooogne..."__Ludacris

Apr 27, 2009

First impressions are typically lasting impressions. And the thing that sticks out in my mind when I meet someone (of the opposite sex) is NOT their clothes...not their shoes...nor their physical features...but how they smell! That's one of the reasons why I like volunteering with elderly women at the physical therapy center, 'cause they always smell good. Don't judge me.

Anyway, I thought I'd give the fellas some insight on some of my favorite fragrances. Some of them I've worn in the past, some I wear now, or would wear now...
...so, allow me to put you on game.

Adidas Moves by Adidas $10.99
Very first "smell good" that I wore on the reg'. Very affordable...you can catch this joint on sale at Wal Mart for 15$ at the most!

Curve Crush by Liz Claiborne for Men $11.61
This falls along the same line as Adidas. Very affordable, easily-accessible. The only difference is this has a heavier, more distinctive scent to it.
Clinique Happy for Men $32.50
Put this on and see if you don't get a few compliments from it, word up. A little more costy, but well worth it.

Unforgivable by Sean John $50.00
His clothing line is sub-par at best, but when it comes to cologne, Diddy will not steer you wrong. I sampled this joint at Sephora one day and it is the truth!

The One: Dolce & Gabbana $55
This is what I have sittin' on my dresser right now and I love it. It was actually a gift and luckily it turned out to be a really good one. It's called "the one" for a reason, and although I don't own any D&G clothing, it feels good to be able to say, "I smell like Dolce..." from time to time. Do me a fav' and do not get this one. Thanks.


deanna.janay said...

I'd also recommend Usher and Prada for men...
sensual seduction forreal.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....