Educated Black People. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

Apr 21, 2009

I was checking out one of my favorite blogs the other day, "Stuff Educated Black People Like", and I was looking down the list of things which included: moving to D.C., natural hair, baked chicken, Barack Obama, correcting people, Greek Organizations. The site is a pretty funny, satirical critique of the black bourgeois so to speak and it really got me thinking....

Generally speaking, UNC students are really cocky. Rightfully so, I mean, this is one of the most notarized public institutions--both in sports and in academics. Personally, I know that anytime I'm at home in the country, I don't hesitate to whip out my Wachovia OneCard to show someone that I don't even know that I'm educated and dangerous, LOL. However, I never try to use my education as a weapon to make someone feel inferior to me.

But, sometimes I get the impression that some minorities here at UNC feel themselves a little too much. You know, the people who jump at the opportunity to let you know that they are above you (economically, academically, etc.) or that they are in a mutually exclusive group in which you don't belong. You know, the people who feel the need to point out that you said you needed to "lay down" instead of "lie down". You know, the people who see you in your street clothes on Sunday afternoon and chastize you for not going to church, overlooking the fact that an 8 o' clock service exists. You know, the people who see you wearing new stuff and instead of telling you "it's hot" they tell you where YOU got it from, as if its nothing for them to go cop it, too. Smh.

For whatever reason, some people just cannot turn their cool off and are always aiming to prove their superiority or self-worth. Also, some people come to college and become someone they definitely were not in high school. Don't get me wrong, I'm pro-change and growth, but I'm anti-poser and there is a very thin line between the two. I just don't get it. It may sound like I dislike "educated black people" but that's not the case, because that would mean that I dislike myself. I just think some people need a big slice of humble pie, that's all.

What is your view on educated black people? Am I making something out of nothing, or is there really a noticeable difference in the way they behave?


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