Blame it on the........weed?

Apr 22, 2009

So, NFL wide-receivers to be, Brandon Tate and Percy Harvin reportedly tested positive for maurijauna during an NFL scouting day back in February. Although the incident happened a few months ago, the information is just surfacing and not much is known because their agents are keeping their lips sealed. Apparently, those dudes hired the right people.

  • Brandon Tate, former UNC Tarheel receiver decided to forgo his senior year in order to enter the draft early and is considered to be a potential 2nd to 4th round pick.
  • Percy Harvin, former Florida Gator, also left after his junior year and is considered a 1st round pick.
Most likely, their draft stock is going to drop because of their extracurricular activities, but I doubt that teams are going to completely turn their backs on 'em, considering the talent that the two possess. It's just a shame that out of all the potential NFL recruits this year, fewer than a dozen failed their drug tests, and one of them happens to be from UNC-CH. If I was B. Tate, who is still recovering from a torn MCL, I would have told them that weed was a part of my rehab. Or something.


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