Muzzle mouth

Mar 20, 2009

Do you know someone who talks entiiiirely too much?
Or someone who feels entitled to speak their mind about everything, but get the screw-face when you speak your mind about something they do?

Straight up, some people need a muzzle on their mouths....or at the very LEAST, a filter on their brains. The phrase "think before you speak" couldn't be more true and should be applied on a day to day basis by everyone.

Some people think they can say whatever they want nowadays and just laugh it off. Saying "just playing" or putting "lol" on the end of a text message like that is supposed to supersede the nonsensical statement that came before it. News Flash: Your first amendment rights, if abused, have the potential to get you mushed.

In all seriousness though, be cognizant of what you say to people. Because the next time you come out the side of your neck with: "Mary Anne, you wear those Ugg boots a little too much". You just might get a "B*tch, YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE!"


Anonymous said...

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