i love old people

Mar 27, 2009

so, i have been volunteering at a local senior center in this physical therapy program offered through UNC Hospitals. i can only volunteer a few hours out of the week, because of time constraints/transportation, but if i could, i would spent the majority of my time there....

although i get to gain experience in a field that i one day hope to be in...i would be lying if i said im only doing it to boost my grad school application. i just love working with older people. i admit, it is kind of creepy when some of the women harp on how handsome you are and look at you with the "if i was 20 again", come-hither face...but other than that, everything is great.

They are hilarious in some of the things that they say!
They love to dance on the sneak tip, even when we are supposed to be doing other things.
They are insanely intelligent--most of them are trilingual and come from several different backgrounds.
They do not desire anything from you except your time...


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....