Excuse me for being dramatic...

Mar 13, 2009

Last night, I watched the best college basketball game ever in the existance of planet Earth. I would buy the DVD to this game three times over. This is what every basketball fan lives for and I will never forget it.

The Setup:
My cousin Greg and I were chillin' in his apartment at A&T, contemplating things that we could do to combat boredomn...needless to say, we did the usual. Got somethin' to eat, kicked back, and put the TV on ESPN, not knowing that we would witness one of the most epic performances in college basketball history.

THE Game
The game between #20 Syracuse Orange and #4 UConn Huskies started on March 12th at 9:30pm and ended on March 13th at 1:22 am. 3hrs and 46 minutes, SIX OVERTIMES LATER, I was wide awake, geeked up, and ready to go play ball and put on for every nigga who ever played hoops growing up, lol. The game was incredible, from the last second shot at the end of regulation that was called off, to Johnny Flynn hitting 2 clutch freethrows in the 5th overtime to give his team a shot at victory in the 6th overtime. Now, I became a Flynn fan a few months ago when he straight posterized Mike Rosario from Rutgers, but I have a newfound respect for this guy. He is the truth, seriously.

The Final verdict:
Syracuse 127 and Connecticutt 117. Make sure you peep the recaps on ESPN, they have been running it all day and I have been watching it all day...as if I didn't stay up all last night watching that game. Whew.

You know I had to leave you with something to laugh about. What was Rosario thinkin'?!


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....