Back in business!

Mar 31, 2009

So, my comments feature is back and running fine. So feel free to bring to life, an old post from last week that you missed out on the opportunity to share your thoughts.


The highly anticipated...

Nike Air Yeezy has officially been priced, packaged, and set for release. These bad boys are going for $215 a pop....and they are releasing on April 4th.


The fact that these shoes are so expensive is a gift and a curse. While you may put a dent in your pocket by purchasing them, the likelihood of someone else having them is SLIM!

The shoe-addicted side of me is screaming: "Fore go a meal or two and get those puppies!"

The rational side of me is screaming: "Are you crazy! That is a mortgage payment!"

...we shall see. Peep the article here.


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....