What is your purpose?

Feb 12, 2009

The good thing about having a blog, is that you always have a place to vent when you do not feel like talking to someone in particular. Today's topic: "What is your purpose?"

I find myself thinking about this question a lot nowadays. When someone is doing, or has done something out of line then I ask myself, "I wonder what their purpose was behind their actions."

For instance:
I wonder what the Pit Preacher's would say if you asked them "What is their purpose". They'd probably evade the question and then cook up a ridiculous response about why you're going to Hell for asking them that.

If you exposed a friend for talking about you on the sneaktip, and you asked them "What was your purpose" then they would probably get lockjaw like they were just diagnosed with Bell's Palsy.

If I were to ask the girl who wrote the column about "AAE" in the Daily Tarheel, "What was your purpose" then she'd probably switch the subject like a Barry Bonds in response to a steroid allegation.

I wonder what the angry cashier, who willingly works in retail and surely doesn't like people, would say if you asked him/her "What is your purpose".

I wonder what the [government official] who implemented crack into low-income, urban areas would say if you asked him "What was your purpose".

I wonder what the person who defaced Kay Yow's murial would say if you asked them "What was your purpose".

Some people have asked me what is my purpose in this blog, and I'll tell you straight up...it isn't for you. I do it as an outlet, because the stresses of college life here at UNC can be overwhelming at times. I'm by no means perfect, but I try my best to make sure that most of the things that I do....from my major, to my career plans, down to the food that I eat....has a purpose. Do you?


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....