Thank you, Wale.

Aug 3, 2010


No, this isn't another link for the 'tape, y'all should already have it now or you're losing. This is just an appreciation post for Wale. I really rock with his music. A lot of people say he's not really spittin' and I just don't get where they are coming from.

His worldplay is the PRIMARY reason I like him so maybe people are missing something. I'm convinced that if you don't like the dude music, it may be because you just aren't getting his references. Not to say his lyrics are super deep, because they aren't, but he does talk about sneakers, video games, and sports a LOT which may alienate some people. For example, while listening to More About Nothing, there were a few lyrics that really hit home to me:

"I'm no angel, my hos like a SEGA. Streets of Rage 2, I make them hos skate..." (Track 2. The MC)
Now if you didn't play Streets of Rage (one of the illest SEGA games ever) when you were little, then this lyric wouldn't take you anywhere...but for me...I was ready to go hook up my old gaming system and go hammy on this jawn.

"I can change a broad life in about an hour. I turn Ducks into Bucks...Luke Ridnour." (Track 11. The Black N Gold)
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Here's just one of SEVERAL sports examples on the new 'Tape that had me ready to kick back and watch ESPN 'til no end. If you didn't know who Ridenhour was and that he played college hoops at OU (whose mascot is a Duck) and now plays pro ball for Milwaukee (whose mascot is a Buck), then this metaphor probably wouldn't have an affect on you.

Whether you like the man's sound or not, at least give him props for his wordplay because he goes in. He brings a lot to the table as a lyricist and I can really appreciate that. Cop the new tape and tell me what you think about it.


adina renee. said...

i like the whole thing.

The Original ABC* said...

I like the whole thing too. I couldn't review it because my post would be ultra long... I just need to sit back and enjoy this tape.

RawrSavvy said...

Not only is it a great mixtape, I think it is better than the Mixtape about Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Amiable fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

deonna said...

I was just talking to my bf about this. We were listening to the mixtape and he had to explain some stuff for me cause i'm not that into sports so I didn't understand everything.

But nevertheless, Wale's wordplay is BEYOND on point. Gotta love it!!

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